The chosen works in this pop-up are all from designers based
in China. I chose these designers and brands because of their creativity, their ideas, and the constituents they represent.
These are the creative manifestations of the world I live in.

Creativity crosses borders. There is no reason why it should only flow one way. The west today is still the center of glamour but no longer the only center of creativity and flair. This project will feature the best and the most relevant. There is no point in reveling in the past — I prefer to look towards the future.

The ideas presented will be playful and young but also luxurious and powerful. With a focus on exuberant and beautiful design, dysemevas will bridge the gaps between high and low, as well as avant-garde and traditional.

Weekly, the featured works change according to different themes. Activities, parties, and happenings will be held at the space next door, our own little playroom...

Let's have some fun with all of this.
That's what life is about, right?

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